Thinking about retiring in California?

Retirement in California is a dream for millions, whether they already live in this phenomenal state or whether they look forward to retiring to a California town like Eureka or Santa Barbara. Most probably already live here, but are thinking of relocating to a less crowded or more inexpensive community for retirement. Just about everybody enjoys California's mountains, deserts, long coastline, and beautiful scenery. Some want to move to enjoy one of these more, or to find a lower cost of living or take up new outdoor activities. Whatever your reason, this website will provide you with the useful retirement real estate resources to help your dream become a reality.


Retirement in California

Most Californians will retire in the state where they already live. Many will move to a new community to be near family or friends. But with California's real estate being just about the highest in the country, many will seek to trade in an expensive house for a better lifestyle somewhere else. Real estate is almost double the U.S. average (Zillow reports Home Value Index in CA of $320,900 in late 2009). California does not have an active state program to encourage people to retire in the state. Taxes in California are very high for retirees vs. other states, it does not offer a tax-friendly retirement. (see California Retirement Taxes for more) .


Best Retirement Towns in California

One of California's top retirement cities is San Diego, which is blessed with some of the best weather in the world. San Luis Obispo is a college town on the coast and offers a wonderful retirement lifestyle. Use this link to find more of the best retirement towns in California.


Natural Attractions

The beaches, mountains, deserts, and lakes of California provide outstanding recreation, such as hiking, camping, and fishing. California has no shortage of recreational opportunities. Winters are snowy in the mountains, but everywhere else are milder than in most of the rest of the U.S. Summers are warm, particularly in the central valleys and deserts.




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